Help Property Card Elements

A property card displays top-level information about your property analysis. Cards are part of the properties list of the dashboard. Click the card to view the Property Analysis Page. remetrics-propert-card-elements.png

Property Name

Displays a custom name, if one was added on the property details page. This can be helpful for quickly identifying the property's purpose or significance. Otherwise, the card name defaults to the property address. If no name is given, it displays "Unnamed".

Gross Profit

Gives you a quick snapshot of how much money a property is making. This can help you quickly evaluate its potential profitability.

Important Metrics

Includes both Cash Flow and Cap Rate numbers, which are two important metrics for evaluating the profitability of a real estate investment. These numbers can provide you with valuable insights into the potential returns of a property.

Purchase & Sale Values

Compare, at a glance, how much you estimated the property to be worth (sell price) with to what you expect to pay for the property (buy price). This gives an immediate sense of the potential profit or loss.

Investor Dictionary

  • Gross Profit: Total revenue earned from a real estate investment minus labor, materials, and closing costs. It is important because it gives investors an idea of how much money they can expect to make from the investment before considering taxes and operating expenses.
  • Cash Flow: Amount of money generated from a real estate investment after subtracting all the expenses from the rental income or other sources of revenue. It is important because it determines whether the investment is profitable on a monthly basis.
  • Purchase Price: Amount of money paid to acquire a real estate property. It is important because it determines the initial investment required for the project and influences the potential return on investment.
  • Sale Price: Amount of money received when selling a real estate property. It is important because it determines the final return on investment and the profit earned from the investment.
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