Help Property Address Lookup

The Property Address Lookup feature lets you easily add properties to your portfolio by searching for them using their address. This function saves you time by allowing you to quickly import them to your properties list. An image of the Remetrics dashboard highlighting the property lookup, manual property add and property list features.

Using the Property Lookup Box

Start typing an address into the box. A list of addresses will be generated after at least one matching address is found. address-search-example.png

Click on the relevant address from the list. Remetrics will lookup the property details, including property value and rent estimates from leading real estate search engines.

When The Property Details Are Found

Those details are listed in the Property Import Form. You can edit and save the details and estimates as needed, based on your personal market knowledge. property-search-with-import-example.png

When The Property Details Are NOT Found

Sometimes the property address cannot be found. Click the card to manually add the property. property-search-no-data-found.png

Look Up Single Property Addresses Only

Just a heads up, the property search tool is designed to look up a single property at a time. It's not meant to fetch a list of properties that are currently for sale or perform searches for multiple properties simultaneously. address-search-example-good-bad.png

If you're interested in looking for properties that are currently for sale, you may want to check out websites like Zillow or Redfin. They have lists of homes that are currently on the market, and you can easily grab the addresses from there to search for them individually on our property search tool.

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